Some notes on today’s Englewood Tavern event:

  1. It’s super chill.

  2. Just put your money in the bucket.

  3. Comedy at about 230. Music around 4. Party all round.

  4. It’s going to be hot so…you know…drink.

  5. You can park on street or in the bank parking lot across the street.

The Walden Event was amazing. The Englewood Tavern is primed for a Sunday afternoon of high jinks, tomfoolery and -checks notes- drinking. That’s August 25th at 2pm. DONATIONS CAN BE MADE AT THE DOOR. I’m gathering the comedy right now and I think Brent Boland is playing. Maybe all of At the Water Tower. Not sure. But I heard there’s going to be a fiddle.

UPDATE ON BECKY FROM BECKY: So I got my transplant start date. I will be going in on the 9th of September.