The long road to internet success

"A living, breathing tutorial for anyone trying to do anything ever." 

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Part 1: Winning over the wife

It is here where we introduce the premise: I'd love to host the Academy Awards. The actual chance of that happening are less than Congress cancelling Christmas. But the real goal is me finally doing the things to increase my wife's confidence that I could one day host the ostentatious affair. And by ostentatious I mean awesome, if The Academy is watching.


Part 2: Consistently not consistent

I took my cousin out to Garbanzos right after she'd had her cat euthanized. He was 16 and a marvelous friend. But amidst all this sadness she was able to look up and say, "All you need to be is more consistent." 


Part 3: We veer into fear

It's easy to be a wimp. Someone once said that fear is nothing but too little action and too many brains. In short: stop thinking about it and just do it. Goddamn you, Nike. 

Part 4: content with content

We are amidst a content Renaissance. Now to make it count. 

Part 5: Community

I can't stand promoting myself. But what if it's NOT ABOUT ME/YOU AFTER ALL?

Get to know some of the inspiring people in this series

Everything’s temporary so just enjoy the moment and be present
— Tricia Olson, Founder
I’m not going skydiving because I’m breastfeeding my seven week old.
— Ashley Kingsley,
When you are adventurous and curious every now and then you stumble across something and you find success in it.
— Joel Comm,